Ocean Pier

"Life Altering Experience"


"As an executive, I have had to deal with stress my entire adult life. From clients' unreasonable expectations and manager's impossible timelines to unsupportive peers, I've seen it all. After having a heart attack scare, my doctor told me if I didn't make significant changes to my life I could expect more to come.


I was introduced to Kate and took a one-day course which helped me start to change my outlook. Since then my life has changed for the better. I'm losing weight, smiling more, and dealing with the stresses life throws at me for the first time... ever!  I'm even more productive.


I heartily recommend her courses for anyone who wants to change for the better."


-- Bennet

Image by Simon Rae

"Amazing Weekend!"

" I am so grateful for Zen Mindful Living's weekend course! It was amazing to be in a beautiful setting away from the craziness of the city and able to focus on my own personal development. 


Kate has a way of bringing out the things that are blocking you and preventing you from achieving bigger things. I haven't felt this good in years! "

Sarah Jepson

HR Communication Sessions

" Company HR booked Zen Mindful Living 8 week corporate course. For selected managers and executives to teach communication, stress reduction and leadership. As a result the departments who participate find improvement in revenue and happier in their job. Will book again. "

Mandy Cheung

Image by Jeremy Thomas