Stone Tower
Retreat Into Your Soul

Half-day Retreat

On the half-day retreat we start at 10 am with morning meditations, learning how to practice and bring mindfulness into your life! We close at 1 pm. 

Full-day Retreat

The full-day retreat goes from 10 am to 5 pm.


During this retreat, we will bring awareness to all things and beings that surround us each day. We will be connecting with our body and soul essence. We will ground ourselves, and learn gratitude. We will learn the true meaning of listening as well as seeing and together we will celebrate love, harmony and life. We will be learning Mindfulness practices in stillness, enjoying a silent mindful lunch. We will learn about balance and how to draw boundaries into our lives. We will learn about self-compassion, non-judgment, awareness, kindness, non-striving and letting go.

Most of all, we will celebrate being reborn, kind to ourselves and being in the present moment. 

By joining me in this amazing experience, you will realize it is just the beginning of your new life. 

So take the first step to start your new life. Come and join me for a day retreat.

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Weekend Experience

The weekend experience includes all meals, accommodation, nature and activities. It will start at 5 pm on Friday and end on Sunday at 5 pm. 

During this time we will be doing daily Yogalates, Qigong, Tai-chi, mindful walking and mindful movement. We will be grounding ourselves, discovering new experiences and sensations and connecting to our souls, essence, breath and body.

We will be connecting with nature, taking mindful walks in the beautiful countryside, feeling the warmth of the sun on our bodies, enjoying the different sounds of nature, our lungs receiving fresh air and oxygen. With each step you take you will become aware of a new experience.

We will learn how to use nature as your medicine, observing all different shapes and colors. You will receive a deeper understanding of your own being.


With Mindfulness we learn more deeply.

The MBSR will teach you how to ground yourself, reconnect to your body, discover what your support anchors are, learn how to stop, listen and see; notice your breath, body, thoughts, emotions, sensations and surroundings.


So come. Bring a friend along and let's start your new life. Join me for this amazing weekend.