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Life during quarantine

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

This Quarantine is an excellent chance for us to reconnect with ourselves and come back into our body. This will be an opportunity for all of us to delve deeper both personally and in our family relationships.

Creating activities, baking cakes, playing cards, board games, throwing water balloons for those who have a garden, perhaps laying in the sun, or planting your very own bio vegetable garden are examples of ways to pass the time. Why not do a family spring cleaning? Then you can declutter your home (clutter will stop energy flowing around your home and stop good vibrations and energy being in your home)

And for those of us with children... homeschooling? Make sure to set up a daily routine for the kids. Keep them on a schedule. Have a timer for your child to begin and end study sessions so that when they return to school it won’t feel strange for them. Create rewards for staying on target.

And make sure they know it’s ok if everything isn’t like school, if they don’t finish all of their assignments, if things don’t go as planned. And it’s ok for you too! You’re not a trained teacher (or at least most of you aren’t). You’re all doing your best.

Maybe have your laptop with you so you can work alongside them. Set small goals. Or you could even do your Mindful practice!

What about sun bathing now the weather is warmer? Getting the morning sun is sooooo good for you! Vitamin D is a crucial ingredient for good overall health. It protects against cancers, chronic diseases, inflammation, lowers blood pressure and improves brain function.

You could also choose to enjoy some spring cleaning with your loved ones. Make it a family project. Choose what you want to keep and give away from old clothes and toys. Think of the space! You could rearrange the furniture to improve the energy in your home.

How about trying new recipes? My ten-year-old son has gotten REALLY good at making toasted ham and cheese sandwiches and tried a recipe for Croque Madame (that’s a toasted cheese sandwich with egg and cheese on top!). In addition to this, I have been making delicious gluten free cakes for the family.

Make sure to make time for your significant other! Next time you go shopping, get your partner’s favourite wine, some delicious cheese, light a candle somewhere the kids aren’t... Netflix and chill!

What about a karaoke sing-a-thon? Boys versus girls! Adults versus kids! Pick a musical and go for it! Or` pick a couple of Simon Cowells for the rest to perform for. My daughter does live concerts several times a week on Instagram.

My teenage daughter has inspired us all with how well she is exercising every morning when she first gets up. I personally do my exercise in the afternoon because that is what works best for me.

And in the midst of it all, make time for your guided practices!

And remember, when things get stressful, walk away for a few moments. Everyone needs “me” time after all... Be Mindful, enjoy some time connecting to your breath and body.

Make sure to have a family meeting and divide the chores and set up a board with them listed. When everyone finishes eating they wash their own dishes. Everyone cleans their own rooms. One person hangs laundry while another looks after the little ones. Things are cleaner, you’re not as stressed, no one is complaining. It’s a win/win!

The most important part of it was getting everyone together.

We resolved this without conflict. Thank you Mindfulness training!!!

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