Meditation Class

Corporate Mindfulness

Coming from the ashes of the COVID19 Pandemic, the world has an opportunity to press the reset button. Companies have the chance to look at the way things have been working and make significant improvements without having to stop existing production, causing delays and loss of revenue. This is an unprecedented moment! Let us help you to seize it.


Zen Mindful Living courses are designed for corporate  Hotels & Resorts, Human Resource departments, creative teams, business entertainment organizations, financial institutions, and law firms. In fact, this course is for executives and management from every industry seeking personal and team development.

The purpose of the Zen Mindful Living course is to amplify leadership, improve decision-making, develop deeper listening and speaking skills, improve focus and concentration, and awake intuition.

Teams wishing to build cohesion, improve communication, and increase productivity will find it with us. We teach active listening, stress management techniques and a deeper awareness of relationship dynamics. Your company may be looking to increase productivity and revenue, reduce the instance of illness and absence, and create a happier and more productive work environment. All of the above are connected and can be improved through Zen Mindful Living.


For the individual, this course will help you to improve creativity, focus, and decision-making; control emotional states, better handle stress and tap a deeper well of understanding. We will learn what is good striving and bad striving, letting go, self-compassion, kindness, non-judgment and how to be in the present moment. Through this, you will begin a journey of self-discovery and achieve your dreams.


This is a combination of the MBSR 8-week course with additional guided practices and workshops. The purpose is to assist every person in finding a deeper purpose, awareness of self, and the ability to tap into your intuition. MBSR teaches us how to deal with conflict, identify and control the many different

types of stressful communication, and how to truly see and listen. Through this course, you will learn how to reconnect to your body, discover your support anchors, your breath, thoughts, emotions, sensations, and surroundings.

Explore the potential Superpower of Mindfulness at work.