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Ana Catarina Veiga

MBSR, life, health and transformational coach, energy healer, and reiki master.

Hello, I'm Kate! I have spent most of my life in Asia immersed in the culture of Buddhism.

 I was introduced to meditation practices from a very early age but never completely invested myself in its potential.

From a very young age I could see and feel things that others couldn't. I inherited this gift from my grandmother, a gift that comes with a lot of growth.

Years ago, my son became extremely ill and we nearly lost him multiple times while doctors failed to heal him. This happened while dealing with a toxic broken marriage and losing a child when six and a half months pregnant. Thankfully my son is still with us and still fighting, but has a long journey ahead of him. But this came with great emotional baggage and a long hard journey of recovery for the whole family and the discovery that helping children and families in hospital has been a life-affirming experience. 


From each experience comes a great awakening. There are not good or bad experiences in life, just experiences. For each experience comes with a hidden gift. You may not see it straight away but it is always there. 


I am the woman, the coach, the mother, the friend that I am today, not just because of all my training but because I felt it, I experienced it, I lived it and I survived it! 


I want to show you and give you the tools I have learned so you can do it too! 

It's time to rise and shine beautiful souls.

Meditation by the Sea

From these beginnings, I continued to study and now I am sharing the benefits of Mindfulness with others as an MBSR teacher. Mindfulness saved me. I feel that from my very own personal experience I know how life-changing it can be to anyone that will embark on the MBSR Journey. Mindfulness taught me how to love myself, my soul, my essence, and taught me that I could not help anyone around me until I started with my self and my own family.

 I learned to no longer judge myself, to establish boundaries and to truly see and listen. I was able to process my thoughts, emotions, sensations and label them. I found myself.

My practice has expanded from MBSR individual, group and corporate sessions to incorporate my unique blend of Mindfulness, Reiki Mastery, crystal healing, Yogalates, Tai Chi, and mind, body, and energy awakening. I have learned so much about the importance of dealing with thoughts, emotions, and sensations and not ignoring stress signs in my body. I learned how to handle stressful situations and communications and how to help others through what I’ve been through. Whether someone is struggling with relationships on a personal or professional level, self-trust, achieving dreams, sickness, chronic pain, emotional pain, dealing with stress, career, leadership, dreams, and aspirations, Zen Mindful Living will be life-changing and affirming.

Staying grounded in the chaos of living in the 21st century is an immense challenge for anyone. Whether it is stress at work, at home, the constant noise and rush everywhere you go, Zen Mindful Living will help you to find your path, your balance. Zen Mindful Living will empower you, generate greater physical and mental energy, help you to focus on what is important, remove chronic pain caused by stress, improve your sleep, develop leadership, remove stress, toxic scenarios from your life and avoid burnout.

I also provide:

- Pre and post pregnancy support

- Breastfeeding support

- Prenatal, lymphatic, relaxation, foot, head, neck and shoulder massages

- Reiki Healing

...and my lucky number is 3468!